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Power Nap Lamp


Power Nap Lamp


This was a 7 week project focusing on designing an experience of an interactive furniture and fabrication with Arduino. I partnered with a classmate, my role involved research, ideate, sketch, model, prototype, build, film, and edit.


Targeting students' study habits, we created a lamp that senses long durations of inactivity and alerts the user to continue studying. The lamp optimizes naps with a programmed 15 minutes rest allowance for better study results. The user activates "study mode" by placing their phone into the slot, which prevent distraction of the phone while studying, and allows the lamp to be used even when not studying.



We looked into coding and the relations between each electronic parts. Luckily, both my partner and I had experience coding in Java, so the programming process went fairly smoothly. After researching on sensors, we decided to use motion sensors, and created function flow and a situation flow outlining the design.



We prototyped with an old lamp to test out the range of the motion sensors, and to make sure Arduino works the way we want to on the lamp. After the idea is finalized, we picked up a lamp from IKEA, and started hacking it, including soldering the wires of the all the parts together. With my experience in 3D modeling, we build a model to help us build the frame that enclose all the electronic parts.