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Public Transit


Seattle Public Transit App Design

In the current system, more people are inclined to drive alone than use public transit to commute to work. Only about 18% of workers in Seattle use public transportation to commute for work. This causes problems including traffic, pollution, and other uncertainties on the road and in schedules.


Scuttle, Seattle's Commuter Shuttle, designed specifically for the consistent commuters to fix this problem. The app allows you to reserve a seat, and the shuttle that works with small businesses to help employees commute. It targets employer connections, but a commuter who’s not connected with an employer can connect the app to their orca card.

You can try out our app prototype here, and read our complete project here.



After we've looked into the current public transportation system options and talking to the riders through primary and secondary research, we created an affinity diagram to look for qualities that make a positive riding experience.

Here are the top insights we've found:

  • Predictability for riders

  • People influence people

  • Enabling a productive environment



Proposed solution:
By using the existing platform and creating an app that allows users to reserve a seat on a bus ahead of time, public transportation becomes more predictable, productive, and reliable.

Based on the persona Ben we developed, we created an user case where a typical consistent commuter may encounter unexpected schedule changes.




After testing out our prototype, we got some useful insights for our design.

_Existing routes are irrelevant in a reservation system
_New routes, new system, new connection
_Neighborhood matters
_Equal opportunities for all businesses


New Solution:
After prototyping and continued research, we revised our reservation system to no longer exist within the current bus route, but to align with Seattle’s vision of a systematic commute by implementing a commuter specific shuttle that works with the city, commuters, and their employers.



We used a conceptual model to outline how all of the details of our app would function.

We went over what a user wants in scheduling, and focused primarily on not when the user needed to leave like many current apps do, but when the user needed to be at work.  This kept our app centered around commuters.