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Music Player


Autumn Quarter, 2014


Create an innovative way for people to experience music. 


The new music experience is discovering local music culture, including local artists, events and venues information, do's and don'ts. Local residents and visitors can both benefit and contribute to the music experience. This is a concept app designed for tablet devices.



I did my research in 3 parts:

  1. Talking to people of what they want and how they use the music players
  2. Try the music players myself
  3. Read online reviews of the music player

I documented mine and several other students' findings to create a affinity diagram.


Some Findings:

  • People want to know more about music/artist related information
  • People like to be in the know for events or activities to enjoy more ways to be involved in music
  • People like to know what’s happening around them


I decided to target these 5 points:

  1. New ways to explore new songs

  2. One place to get all the information

  3. Local information

  4. A sharing space

  5. Music activity information


We did several rounds of charrettes as a class to come up with as many ideas as fast as we can.




I created a conceptual model, an interaction model, and a navigation model to identify the necessary information and features needed for the app, and the screens to create a logical workflow.


I planned out the screen transition for each of the 4 main tasks I want the music player to achieve:

  • discover local songs
  • find local events
  • learn music culture/norm
  • listen to playlist