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Matsuri PR Campaign


Every year, the Japanese Student Association at the University of Washington holds a matsuri, which is a Japanese festival with Japanese food and games. I was co-leading the PR team but in charge of the creative content development for social media and organizing physical outreach.



This year's theme is Little Tokyo. The PR team agreed on the concept of bringing Tokyo to Seattle, by taking the visitors on a journey through the iconic scenes of Tokyo in Seattle, and lead to our Matsuri at UW. The journey starts from the poster/flyer as a teaser, and begins...



I also designed the pamphlet for visitors that is printed front and back in BW to save budget, from acquiring all the event information, to graphic design, to setting up the layout for printing. Along with the theme, I incorporated the Japanese railroad visual elements in the map for the stamp rally.



We have flyers published in two popular Japanese magazines for more exposure among the Japanese community in Seattle. We distributed posters to restaurants, Japanese schools, comic cons, as well as dorms and buildings on campus...even in the bathroom stalls. Also chalked up promotions and directions on campus that notifies people about our event.



We ran into some issues with Facebook this time with their new security updates that weren't in place in the past years. The low response rate for our account from the past years led to Facebook thinking we're spamming people, so we had restricted number of invitation we could send, so we asked many people to share and invite their friends to spread the event.

There was another issue of the page not showing up in people's newsfeed, so some people weren't receiving the updates. We looked into the situation and started troubleshoot with some help from friends.  We created a new website through my personal account, instead of the JSA official account. We posted updates and check with our friends and their friends to see if they get notified, trying to figure out if there's a relationship between the page creator's relationship with those people. The new page was spreading and most people say they saw the updates, while the older one by JSA official account failed to spread the event, so we continued with the new page under my account. 



The event was pretty successful and a lot of fun! On the day of the event, we had over 600 people showed up to Matsuri.

Even though most of our audience is in JSA's Facebook network, if I could fix anything, I would increase the effort in physical outreach to notify more people in the Seattle community outside of JSA's network, and perhaps paid ad for event page to spread.