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Japanese Student Association



I joined the Japanese student association at UW to learn and spread the Japanese Culture. I became the design lead mainly leading a team of 5 on creative content creations, such as promotional videos, and posters, pamphlets, flyers, copywriting, t-shirts, as well as managing promotional platforms and establish work schedule such as printing duties, Facebook posts, contacting professors and students, and chalking the stairs. I also led the promotional campaign for the annual Japanese festival Matsuri, the biggest event for JSA, you can read more about here


I really strived to create a collaborative, positive, constructive environment where we get to work together and learn from each other, and not be afraid to explore new approaches. I worked with the designers on my team with their school and personal schedules so the work we do never felt like work but fun projects; the positive work environment actually became the story that inspired the younger designers to run for leadership next year. 


A goal as a leader was to prepare the underclassmen for next year. I definitely missed having my hands on the projects, but I wanted the underclassmen to have ownership of the projects to gain understanding of production process, taking them from concept to execution, so the seniors were on standby for questions, advices, to assist, and troubleshooting


One of my biggest contribution as a designer was to raise awareness of the importance of design in the organization, and promoting events requires teamwork and is everyone's job. Design and PR was not being recognized even though it's usually our first contact with our members. Design and PR lead role was not a part of the decision making group for the organization, while I believed design & PR should have a say in the event directions and organization actions since everything going out to public leaves an impression for JSA. I went to one of the meeting to explain the importance of the design & PR team, and was successful at getting the role be apart of the decision making group for the next year.