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Coffee Spa

AWAKE: Coffee Spa


This is a 2 week project to redesign the way we experience coffee. I collaborated with three other classmates, my role involved research, ideate, storyboard, film, and edit.


Transforming the coffee experience. As your barista prepares your coffee each day, they are leaving tons of coffee grounds to waste generated each year. We created a spa using the all stages of the beans from the beans to the oil to the grounds for different treatment purposes. We focused on reusing the coffee waste from local cafes to create a more sustainable environment.



We started out mapping what goes into a coffee experience, and researched ways the beans can be use. We have found that aside from being brewed into drinks, coffee beans have many beauty benefits, and we would like to bring that to the public. We decided to focus on sustainability for the community as a whole, and beauty to attract young adults.



We began to think about the user flow, from catching up with friends to enjoying the spa and coffee together. We were considering having an app for the spa to reserve ahead of time, but later discarded the idea as we felt that it does not contribute much to the coffee experience.



Since none of the members drink coffee, we had to go to cafes around campus to gather unneeded beans for the bean bath scenes. Luckily, we ran into someone who has unusable beans from test roasts, and received more than enough beans for free.


Since we had limited time and zero budget, we filmed all the scenes at the common areas of the dorms on campus for the space and illumination.

The hardest part of the shoot was to create the bean bath without a tub. We had to improvise and cut up a garbage bag to hold the beans with everyone holding the edges at all times to create the volume in the beans and to prevent creating a mess.